Organic Dog Shampoo 16 oz. size

Organic Dog Shampoo 16 oz. size


 A new larger size for BIG dogs!

Give your pooch the pampering he deserves! This gentle dog shampoo is free from sulfates, parabens and artificial fragrances. Our liquid shampoo will thoroughly clean your pet's coat without overdrying. This is a highly concentrated formula that lathers nicely.

Choose the scent option and size that is best for your pup. Original Scent includes a subtle blend of essential oils that my help repel fleas and ticks. The blend includes cypress, citronella, cedarwood, lavender and lemongrass.

Unscented Shampoo is also great for cats! Please do not use the scented version for cats as they should not be exposed to essential oils.

Because this gentle shampoo is sulfate-free, it is great for dogs with hot spots or other skin sensitivities.

Ingredients: saponified organic oils of coconut, olive and jojoba, vegetable glycerin, organic guar gum extract, organic aloe vera, (essential oil blend), rosemary extract