Complete Organic Cleaner Set

Complete Organic Cleaner Set


Complete Organic Cleaner Set includes each one of our natural cleaners. You will receive one 16 ounce spray bottle each of each of All-Purpose, Bathroom, Hardwood and Glass Cleaner. You will also receive our all new 5 ounce cleansing soft scrub and a set of beautiful hand-crocheted cleaning cloths.   *Concentrated refill pouches sold separately.

Ditch the chemicals and replace dozens of commercial cleaners with our natural cleaners. Our organic and all-natural cleaners are carefully handcrafted with purely natural ingredients that have been cleaning homes for generations. When your cleaners are almost empty, try our concentrated refill pouches that will fill your bottles 2-4 more times!

*All-Purpose: Gentle, non-toxic cleaner that can be used on virtually any surface. This workhorse can be used in every room of your house and then some. Dilute the concentrate to wash the car, clean outdoor furniture or to wash your hands! Great on plastic, tile, wood, upholstery, stone and leather. 

*Bathroom: Don't let the name fool you. This powerful cleaner is great for hard surfaces in kitchens, bathrooms and beyond. Formulated with a gentle soap base plus mineral salts for grime fighting power.

*Glass: Help your glass, mirrors and stainless steel sparkle. A simple blend of distilled vinegar, grain alcohol, citrus oils and a touch of soap leave your surfaces streak-free and smelling fresh. 

*Hardwood: Clean and condition a variety of wood, laminate and leather surfaces with this versatile cleaner. Herbal tea and white vinegar leave a natural shine without buildup. Great on floors, cabinetry, furniture and leather!

*Cleansing Scrub: Gently scours and cleans virtually every solid surface in your home. Use this powerhouse on tough stains and baked on goo on stovetops, ovens, counters, sinks, appliances, toys and outdoor furniture.