25% OFF! Tidy Tushies Diaper Spray

25% OFF! Tidy Tushies Diaper Spray


*This product is being discontinued.

Tidy Tushies Diaper Spray is a gentle and all-natural formula that contains no alcohol, sulfates or artificial fragrance. Conveniently packaged in a sturdy aluminum spray bottle for on-the-go, no-fuss cleaning. Perfect for use with cloth or disposable wipes.

The uses for this solution are endless:

*Spray directly onto baby's bottom and wipe with dry cloth or disposable towel.

*Spray onto dry wipe and then apply to baby's bottom.

*Spray and wipe hard surfaces to remove dirt and debris.

*Spray onto hands and wipe with clean cloth.

This listing is for an 4-oz. bottle. The scent is a light blend of lavender and tea tree essential oils.

All natural ingredients include: distilled water, lavender distillate, saponified organic oils of coconut, olive and jojoba, baking soda, aloe vera and essential oils. See package for complete list of ingredients.

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As always, essential8 products are free from parabens, sulfates, artificial fragrance and chemical preservatives.