20% OFF! Reusable Organic Cotton Flannel Wipes

20% OFF! Reusable Organic Cotton Flannel Wipes


*This product is being discontinued.

Reduce waste and save money by replacing disposable baby wipes, toilet wipes, paper towels and tissues with our organic reusable wipes!  Disposable baby wipes are laden with dangerous chemicals. Switch to organic cotton reusable wipes for your baby's delicate tush.

These heavenly soft organic cotton flannel wipes are finished with a serged edge so they won't unravel. Simply throw them in the washer and dryer and reuse them hundreds of times. 

Each wipe is approximately 6.5 x 8 inches and finished with purple edges. Take this small step to help the environment and your wallet!  

Choose the quantity that best suits your needs. Larger quantities of wipes may be ordered for discounted price. Email me directly at sarah@myessential8.com to request a quote for larger quantities.