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  This was our second order of the diaper salve because we love the product! Not only is it very effective, it smells great and does not stain or harm our cloth!  (Tracy S.)

  These wipes are wonderful! They are soft and the perfect size/weight. They shipped right on time. I've only used them for a few days, but I think they will be perfect for our family's needs. (Ada Y.)

  Best smelling and most effective completely natural cleaners I have tried. Love the refill pouches, can stock up on lots of product without taking up to much storage space and they securely sealed. Thanks again. (Wendy Y.)

  This smells amazing! It makes the whole house smell good with just a few sprays and is very calming. My husband says it reminds him of a tattoo shop! (Amanda H.)

  BUZZ OFF Smells nice! I wear it when I ride horses to repell flies and knats. Repells for a good long time. I have to be carefull because I can break out, but I even spray this on my face with no break outs. Also repells flies and knats from my dogs and leaves them smelling nice for over 24 hours. (Moonanddelsol)

  I love this baby soap! It's perfect for my girls. Smells lovely too! Thank you! (P.R.)

  I got a sample of the all purpose cleaner and I really like it. First of all it's a huge sample-enought to fill an entire spray bottle, and I think it could even be diluted further than the directions say. It works as well as any cleaner that I've bought at the store, but the difference is that I know what the ingredients are and that they are non toxic. I like that you can buy it concentrated and not in a spray bottle which saves shipping and also, in my opinion, is a good ecological practice. It has a very clean essential oil herbal scent and has a good amount of scent. It is great for areas that need to be deoderized. I even spray it on my hands to wash them. It makes cleaning up a little more fun because it makes everything smell so nice. I'm sure that I will buy this product again. (C. Jones)

  I can honestly say that this is the best aromatherapy spray I've ever used. Strong lavender scent instantly takes me to a better place. Excellent staying power, not some faded hint of a scent. Love that you made it safe for skin and linens. I will definitely be a return customer and look forward to trying your other sprays! xo (Jessica L.)

  loving this bug spray!!! TOXIN FREE!!! Doesn't get any better than that. (Jessica L.)

  Best smelling cleanser ever, like fresh lemonade. Easily removed toothpaste and hair product from the counters, soap scum from the shower doors, and bath bomb residue from the tub after just letting it set for 2 minutes. Shipped right away too! (Wendy W.)

  Great salve... helps moisturize my psoriasis which makes my skin flaky and dry. This salve is terrific - carry it with me always. (quiltingfool)

  I use this lotion bar on my face after I do my nightly routine, and before I go to bed. Because of it, I've been waking up to some smooothhh skin, and my redness has been going down! At first, I wasn't too sure about it, because of the texture when you first apply it, but not I just LOVE it! Plus, I feel like the amount that is in the can will last me a while, even with using it every day! (Audra J.) 

  I was looking for organic castile soap in a BPA-free container, so this is just what I was looking for! Thank you! (I.L)